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Who is Ocusfocus ...

Ocusfocus is an activity focused primarily on the provision of Hosting, so let's talk about the platform that is needed to publish a website, complete with Dbase MySQL, PsgSQL, CMS, CRM, applications such as E-Commerce and how much useful, not only graphically but also in terms of utility to the Company, to the study and any activity that has the ability to make itself visible to the public and therefore to its customers, new and already acquired. So let's think about the store that can give a service to its customers, such as a hairdresser who gives the possibility to book the cut online, managing the appointments taken. A Mechanic who manages his customers with a CMS, a notary's office or a firm of associated accountants who need to have a fair amount of PEC certified mail and at the same time a quantity of email addresses necessary for each member and each employee. We think above all of the cheese, flower, wine, shoe store etc .. who wants to sell their products online using an E-commerce, managing their shipments and billing with an immediate payment from "cart" with a credit card or others preferred methods. The Web must have a utility that goes beyond the single graphic aspect that certainly has the importance it deserves but which cannot be preponderant to the utilities that the Web and an appropriate hosting service can offer.

Why choose Ocusfocus services?

Your needs are important to us, so we listen to them and we start from them every day to develop more and more innovative products. We are at your disposal to answer all your questions. Just choose the service and offer that best suits your needs and rely on us as a partner for your online business. You have to think of Ocusfocus not as a simple Hosting provider but as a collaborator for your projects.
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