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Data Center
The Ocusfocus servers, are distributed in 4 European structures (Datacenter) of the highest level. LONDON, PARIS, MONACO, NUREMBERG Data centers are state of the art, especially when it comes to operational safety and energy efficiency. The data centers that make up Ocusfocus owned servers invest large resources in infrastructure maintenance and optimization every year. This allows Ocusfocus to offer its customers a building and, thanks to low operating costs, a low-cost hosting platform. The data centers are located in different cities hundreds of kilometers apart, and are powered by different electricity suppliers. Therefore, your services and hosting can be distributed in different locations at no additional cost to you. Because of this geographical redundancy, services will remain online even in the highly unlikely event that a data center is damaged from a fire, water or any other imaginable disaster. Conditioned air: • multiple chillers (n + 1) • Groundwater cooling system • Several air conditioners (n + 1) • 100% redundant • Free cooling • Efficient energy •Remote controlled • expandable Internet access: Numerous different fiber conveyors that use at least two different fiber directions in buildings The data centers are currently connected to the Internet with 200 Gbit / s: - CenturyLink: 60 Gbit / s - Telia Carrier: 60 Gbit / s - Versatel: 20 Gbit / s - DE-CIX: 20 Gbit / s - AMS-IX: 20 Gbit / s - M-NET: 10 Gbit / s - Colt: 10 Gbit / s Energy supply: • internal transformation station • Multiple UPS with batteries (n + 1) • Emergency generator with powerful diesel generator Safety: • access only via ID card • Alarm system • Security service in service • More than 50 observation and video recording cameras • Several live webcams • Smoke detector / automatic fire alarm • Fume exhaust system • Water detector Environment: Hundreds of power outlets per room, mounted directly in the double floor. Each single socket is electrically interlocked to 16 A Cable bushes mounted in the double floor next to the sockets Double floor completely closed AC ventilation grilles, individually adjustable, mounted in the double floor Cold water channeling only under the double floor Badlands in the case of a pipe leak 19 '' - Rack can be locked individually Cages, entire colocation rooms for individual customers and individual changes / equipment available Satellite power supply (Astra 19.2 ° E and Eutelsat Hot Bird 13.0 ° E) Service: Staff on site 365 days a year, even on holidays and weekends.
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