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F.A.Q. ( Frequent questions) Is it necessary to register in order to purchase services? Yes, it is necessary. This is because it is important to have the information necessary to issue a tax bill, whether it is professional / company or private. It is also necessary to be able to have contact with the customer through the customer panel so as to be able to manage any changes / requests What are the payment methods? The payment methods are as follows: Payment via Paypal, for those who have an account and a Paypal balance The payment to Paypal BUT by credit card, therefore the Customer pays with his credit card, on the Paypal account of Ocusfocus. What data do I need to enter in the user registration? The most important data is the personal data, all, the company name if you are a Company and the tax code / VAT number for billing. The complete compilation is the wisest thing to do, this because any missing data, necessary to register / activate a service could slow down the request considerably, waiting for us to be provided (following our request via e-mail) the missing data needed . How does the frequency of invoicing take place? All subscription plans have a duration of 12 months from their activation. Payment and invoicing is for 12 months, with the exception of certain plans reserved for professionals in the sector, such as Webagencies and Resellers, which are billed monthly, where indicated in the subscription plan. What happens when a purchased service expires? Any service purchased upon expiration, is reported via e-mail to the Customer 20 days before its expiry to give the customer the possibility to re-order it before it expires. What happens when a service has expired? Any service that has expired interrupts its operation. If an expired Hosting stops working, the site will not be reachable and emails will not be able to transmit / be read. The Domain instead, if already expired, may have some problems to be able to reactivate it, in some cases it may no longer be possible to reactivate it and even be purchased by others (as it has expired and no longer your property), therefore lost. I have already registered my domain, can I still use one of your Hosting proposals? Certainly yes, after choosing and activating your hosting plan, you can indicate in the management of the domain (at the maintainer where you registered the domain) the addresses of the DNS servers that will be communicated to you by so that you can point the domain to your hosting plan. I already have my registered domain including Hosting at another Hosting provider, I intend to change Hosting providers, what should I do? You must first purchase a hosting plan at another hosting provider (Ocusfocus for example), possibly also purchasing the domain transfer / maintenance option, if not included in the plan. At this point, you need to ask your maintainer or Hosting provider for AuthCode, which is the transfer authorization code. After obtaining the code, you will need to notify Ocusfocus who will then proceed with the request to transfer the domain and inform you of the transfer (except for any updates). What is the difference between the PLESK plans and the others? All PLESK plans are equipped with Plesk accounts, ie the possibility for the Customer to be able to manage, configure, modify, etc. the entire or part of the Hosting purchased by him, including application installations. The other plans provide only one or more FTP accounts for the management / modification / updating of web pages. The configuration of the email addresses and the installation of the applications must take place only before the activation of the plan, by the Ocusfocus staff at the customer's request. I purchased a Hosting Plan from Ocusfocus.IT and now I would like to change it to a higher level (upgrade). Can I do it? Certainly yes, you will have to contact via e-mail the service with which the proposal of the plan change will be made Where is the ServerFarm? There are 4 server farms, located in London, Paris, Munich and Nuremberg respectively. Do Plans Provide SSH Access? No, for security reasons, SSH access is not allowed.